Delf / Dalf

Who can take the diplomas?

If you are not French and would like your French skills to be recognised for personal or professional purposes, you can take DELF and/or DALF.  

If you are a non-French-speaking French person, you can obtain authorisation from the National Commission for DELF and DALF to take the DELF examinations.

Which diploma should I take?

The DELF and DALF diplomas are independent, so you can take the examination of your choice. You can also sit the examinations for a number of diplomas during the same examination session.

Delf's practice test is for A2, B1 and B2 levels .

The practice test is realized with authentic exam samples developed by the CIEP - France Education International  and it is only the DELF / DALF exam centers that have the exclusive right to use them. In Armenia it is only the Alliance Française.
The DELF practice test examines the oral and written comprehension skills of the candidates.

The duration for each level are as follows:

A2 – 55 minutes
B1 – 60 minutes
B2 – 90 minutes

What is DELF Prim exam?

Your child is 8 to 12 years old and is studying French?                                                                                                                    

DELF Prim will be his 1st French diploma.

DELF Prim is a French diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education and is intended for children with three levels of French language knowledge: A1.1, A1, and A2, which correspond to the European Language Proficiency Level.

This is a very good opportunity to show his French knowledge level and work done at school, to have a diploma from the very beginning of the studies.   

DELF junior

The Alliance Française d'Arménie also organizes the DELF junior exam for teenagers from 12 to 17 years old.

DELF junior consists of 4 independent diplomas corresponding to the 4 levels of the European Reference Framework for Languages (A1, A2, B1, B2).   


Where do I register?

Candidates must register with the actual examination centres. In Armenia, Alliance Francaise is the only official examination center for this diplomas. Contact us if you need more informations.

(Source : CIEP)

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